Limited Release: The New Precice STRYDE
Intramedullary Limb Lengthening System

The Limbplastx Institute • Las Vegas, Nevada

Limbplastx Limited Release

Nuvasive is partnering with leading global limb lengthening surgeons for a limited launch of the new 3rd generation PRECICE STRYDE limb lengthening nail system. The LimbplastX Institute has successfully completed our first STRYDE case and is proud to offer our patients this state-of-the-art intramedullary limb lengthening nail system as part of the Nuvasive early release program.

• The Most Advanced Intermedullary Limb Lengthening System Available

Built on five years of clinical experience, PRECICE STRYDE is a market-leading internal system available for stature lengthening and limb reconstruction. PRECICE STRYDE is Nuvasive's third-generation limb lengthening system and includes an implantable intramedullary nail, locking screws, reusable instruments and a hand-held External Remote Controller (ERC). STRYDE was recently cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April for use in both the tibia and femur. Patients are now able to non-invasively lengthen or shorten the implant to a prescribed length utilizing the ERC post-surgery from their own home versus lengthy hospital stays. When used for stature lengthening for cosmetic purposes, STRYDE can increase a patient's height by more than three inches.

• Increased Weight Bearing Tolerances

This new system aims to provide better and more tolerable post-operative outcomes for patients undergoing limb lengthening. Prior to this technology, a patient was only permitted to apply 30-50 pounds of weight on each leg, leading to a slow and lengthy return to daily life and activities. With STRYDE's unique stainless steel composition, patients are now able to apply 150-250 pounds of weight on each leg depending on the device chosen and post-operative care recommended by their physician. This offers patients a potential for 200 percent or greater post-operative weight-bearing activity compared to previous systems, and studies have shown earlier weight bearing may lead to quicker healing times in patients using the PRECICE system.


This innovative intramedullary limb lengthening system allows for a precise, controlled lengthening phase with the ability to shorten the device if necessary.

The non-invasive magnetic interaction between the PRECICE implant and the PRECICE External Remote Controller (ERC), a portable, hand-held unit that lengthens the PRECICE implant is what sets this system apart from traditional treatment.

The PRECICE ERC is programmed to accurately lengthen the femur or tibia based upon the surgeon’s prescription. Weekly clinical and radiographic evaluations are performed to confirm lengthening and to calculate new bone formation.

The PRECICE system provides a customized, minimally-invasive approach to limb lengthening with benefits that include:

• Increased Weight Bearing Tolerances
• Proprietary magnet technology
• Precision rate control
• Non-invasive adjustment via external remote controller
• Customizable lengthening protocol based upon patient’s prescription
• Device is reversible