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Dr. Debiparshad has accumulated hundreds of 5 star reviews for the quality of his care and the genuine
concern he has for his patients and their outcomes, earning a 4.9 Star Rating on
with 49 Five Star reviews and a 100% 5 Star Rating on, and Google Reviews.

Raj K.
I had tibia lengthening done abroad and was gone for a few months. It was actually a horrible experience being in a foreign place for so long and ended up having issues with the surgery. I ended up with infections and not healing one of my tibias. I returned to the USA with difficulty walking and ongoing pain. I was depressed and in a dark place and researched places to go to try to fix my issue. Dr. Debiparshad was the first person to reply to me and made me feel so much hope. I had spent everything I had doing the surgery in the first place and was considering taking out a loan to pay to get it fixed. Dr. Debiparshad fixed me with one surgery and waived all his fees. My tibia is healed and now with no pain. He is really a compassionate doctor and I am so grateful to him for giving me my life back. If anyone were considering any surgery, I would highly recommend.

Art S.
For multi-years I had intense pain in my entire right leg from a compressed nerve bundle in my lower back vertebrae. In Feb. 2017 Dr. Kevin Debiparshad did a Lumbar Fusion Surgery and all this pain is now gone. He is caring, takes time to listen, makes sure his patients understand the procedure and are comfortable with his care. I highly recommend Dr. Debiparshad to anyone that needs any type of back surgery. He is the most skilled orthopedic surgeon that anyone could find.

Dawn R.
Met Dr. Debiparshad after my initial consult with another surgeon and he was much more welcoming and listened to my concerns about my pain and gave me my options. Had surgery in August 2017 and to go from a 10 pain level to 1-2 is fantastic. He did a great job and cares about his patients.

Reub B.
Dr. Debiparshad is the best. I did very well with my surgery with return to my normal self before my injury. I healed great and my incision is very cosmetic, I can barely see it. A Brilliant guy.

Sean B.
The good doctor took on my case after another doctor botched the job. He didn't have to do this, but he did! I am forever grateful for Dr. Debiparshad saving my life!

Dawn R.
Met Dr. Debiparshad after my initial consult with another surgeon and he was much more welcoming and listened to my concerns about my pain and gave me my options. Had surgery in August 2017 and to go from a 10 pain level to 1-2 is fantastic. He did a great job and cares about his patients.

Shelley A.
I felt that he presented himself well and my pain was excruciating when I first met him. After surgery, my pain is nearly gone - I would also say that I would truly recommend him to anyone. I wish I could have talked to after my surgery is the only suggestion I would make - because it was one of the nurses who spoke to me afterward. That's not to say he doesn't not take his time with you, he does - he's just very busy.

Sherry Y.
I was very satisfied with the surgery that Dr. Debiparshad performed on myself for my hip. I felt no pain after surgery and was able to walk within a few days post surgery. I am amazed with his work. I would recommend him to anyone who needs ortho surgery.

Jon E.
I had horrible pain and suffering from my arms and neck. Nothing really worked for me. I met Dr.Kevin Debiparshad and he fixed some discs in my neck and now I feel wonderful. I feel like a new man with no issues at all. My scar isn't even visible. Thanks very much for the great work.

Elizabeth K.
Prior to surgery I was in excruciating pain - and than after meeting with Dr Debiparshad I knew I was ready for surgery with him. Immediately after waking up, I felt wonderful. His surgery changed my life, I really do have my life back once again. I would recommend him to anyone!

Michael C.
I had a hemotoma on my spine from another surgeon - that surgeon refused to continue treatment. Dr Debiparshad stepped in, in the middle of the night, and saved my life. He removed a grapefruit sized hematoma from my spine which was a decision made by him quickly, that was the correct decision. I am so glad he made this decision, I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone who has a problem. Dr Debiparshad can help solve yours, just as he did mine. I am so grateful for his quick actions.

Beatrice H.
Dr.Debiparshad is a great physician and has helped me a great deal. He takes the time to listen and explains everything very well. He spent a lot of time with me and it was the best experience with any physician in my many years. His hands work miracles as well. I would recommend him to anyone.

Reub B.
Dr. Debiparshad is the best. I did very well with my surgery with return to my normal self before my injury. I healed great and my incision is very cosmetic, I can barely see it. A Brilliant guy. Ryan C.
Dr. Debiparshad did great work and saved me! I had horrible pains and numbness. After my surgery everything was gone and I am doing things I haven't done in years. I can walk, run and doing yoga with good flexibility. He is very considerate to his patients and I very much appreciate what he has done for me.

Timothy B.
Great experience, I had amazing results. Been dealing with these pains for over 9 years now. Two weeks out from surgery my T11,T12 issues... Gone. No more pulling on my ribs into my stomach and now we have a game plane to tackle my Lumbar. Super excited not to hurt anymore. Thank you Dr. Debiparshad!

Jason P.
Dr. Debiparshad, is awesome! He did a micro surgery on my back and I was out and home in a few hours. My back and leg pain is completely gone, no more numbness. I can't even see a scar on my back. I had pain for many years and didn't even remember what it felt like to feel like this. He is trained at the world's best places and Nevada is lucky to have him.

Sean B.
The good doctor took on my case after another doctor botched the job. He didn't have to do this, but he did! I am forever grateful for Dr. Debiparshad saving my life!

Mario C.
I had an overall positive experience with Dr. Debiparshad pre and post surgery. I've had a big improvement in my symptoms and my spinal fusion surgery helped me a lot.

Danny B.
I was extremely nervous going in and I had no understanding of what was going to happen. He took plenty of time and worked with me. He gave me a good feeling about what was going to happen and it did! Darchel also was extremely good in preparing me with what was going to happen. Between Dr Debiparsahd and Darchel everything was great, we felt very comfortable going into this surgery.

Ellen B.
Dr.Debiparshad fixed my leg from a very bad injury. I am walking perfectly and I am amazed that I can't even see a scar on my body. A real meticulous and cosmetic surgeon. Great bedside manner.

Gina H.
Dr. Debiparshad and his entire staff continue to go above and beyond each visit. From the initial office visit to the day of my surgery Dr. Debiparshad along with his staff were very friendly and thorough in explaining and making me feel comfortable and confident about my decision to have the posterior spinal fusion surgery. All questions and concerns were always answered in a easy to understand manner and always with compassion. His bedside manner is top notch. Thank you Dr. Debiparshad!

Douglas B.
I am very happy with my results from surgery. I initially was operated on by another local surgeon and didn't get relief from my symptoms. Dr. Debiparshad fixed that work and now I am symptom free. I really didn't think my results would be perfect because of previous surgery, but I can honestly say that I feel great ! I would trust Dr.D's hands with my closest family. Thank you again.

Sherry, F.
I have the highest level of trust in Dr. D - we just got done talking today about how well I trust his decision making and I feel like he spends more than enough time with me, I'm able to get all of my questions answered and everything is always taken care of before I leave his office. His staff are equally great as well - the MA's are so kind. I really enjoy coming here!

Adam F.
I feel I recently had surgery under Dr. Debiparshad and my favorite part was that he answered all my questions - my main concerns were all addressed. I feel like the staff were more than helpful.

Jennifer P.
Excellent surgeon, no problems after surgery.

Jessica S.
Really good bed side manner, he listens so well! I feel like most surgeons just want to cut and make money - he did such a great job with the surgery. I was shocked.

George M.
Best doctor I have ever seen in Las Vegas ! He cured my back with two 5 minute surgeries and no scar. Just finished traveling half way around the world with 5 hour layover and my back was great. I also have a short leg because of multiple hip surgeries and Dr. D created a surgery for lengthening the leg to fix it, but unfortunately I was not a candidate. Still very grateful for my back.

Mike A.
I am so grateful to Dr. Debiparshad for my lower back surgery. I am 200 lbs overweight and was suffering so bad from back pain and burning leg and hip pain. I had a lower back surgery that other neuro surgeons said was be extremely hard and told me to lose weight, which I couldn’t because I could barely walk. 2 weeks after my surgery I was cured. I was able to exercise and now lost 20lbs. So happy!

Amanda W.
I had 4 years of back pain and leg pain and nothing was working. My other doctors told me I had permanent nerve damage because of numbness in my leg for 4 years. I had micro-surgery with Dr. Kevin Debiparshad and went home the same day. I now have no numbness or pain. I am so grateful and can hardly believe everything is gone. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Johanna S.
Dr. Debiparshad was excellent during my entire medical experience. He was very informative and empathetic with my situation. He explained very well the pros and cons of our options...and recommended the best option which was to do a micro decompression surgery. He also assisted in processing and pushing thru the operation because the our insurance company would give us so much problem with it. Overall, I am very happy and satisfied with my Doctor and the entire Nevada Spine clinic staff.

Marlowe M.
Extremely helpful. Very patient. Excellent manner.

Charles H.
I had my lower back surgery done by Dr. Kevin Debiparshad. He is the only one I would trust to get surgery from. I was on high doses of pain meds before my surgery and the injections didn't help me. I am now pain free and taking no medications. I was worried because I am over 70 years old, but everything went smoothly. Now I can get back to playing some golf, thanks very much!

Les B.
My arms were going numb and I was feeling weak with a difficult time to walk. I ended up in hospital where the doctors were telling me it was my back. Eventually I met Dr. Kevin D, who said it didn’t make sense. He did more tests and found out it was my neck and that I had a severe spine condition.. I had neck surgery in the front and back. After surgery I could feel my arms and during the rehab my walking and strength got better. There is a long wait in office to see him but I am very grateful.

Robin B.
I had awful neck and arm pain with tingling and numbness in my hands. It was very dreadful and was on a lot of painkillers. I had tried some injections, which didn’t seem to help. Finally, I saw Dr. Kevin Debiparshad and he fixed two discs in my neck. I am impressed with how well my incision healed, you can barely see it. I am happy with my surgery, no more numbness and pain. I am now proud to say that I am not taking any more pain meds.

Rob N.
I had back surgery by Dr. Kevin Debiparshad a few months ago. I was doing some heavy lifting and began having severe back pain, spasms and shooting pains into my legs. I was very crippled and could barely get around.I ended up having my disc replaced and nerves freed-up. My leg pain was gone when I woke up in recovery and walking much better the first day after surgery. It has now been a few months and I have been running. I cannot thank him and his team enough for giving me my life back.

James F.
I started having loss of mobility and tingling in all my outer extremities, as a Vet I went to the VA to discover what was causing my situation, for almost a year I was misdiagnosed and my conditioned continued to deteriorate until Feb 17, 2016 when I woke that morning and could not stand, lift my arms, or legs, my wife called an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with with herniated in my neck (C3 thru C6). Dr. Debiparshad, was the Doctor that explained to me

John S.
I had a fall with bad breaks in my arm. My original orthopedic surgeon said he wouldn’t be able to fix, so I saw another surgeon covering at the hospital ER. Dr. K Debiparshad, had excellent bedside manner and explained to me the process and what to expect. He fixed me up and I was out of there by 24hrs. I am doing fantastic, despite what I have read about these elbow breaks, which lead to chronic pain, and poor range in the arm. I am lucky that I received such excellent care. Very Thankful!

Mike J.
Dr. D cured my back and leg pain. I couldn't walk even a block without having to sit down. I initially tried some injections, that didn't real work for me at all. Then I went with the surgery I have not had any leg pain since the day of surgery. After about 2-3 weeks the back was pretty much gone as well. It feels like night and day - I am so appreciative that I can walk with such ease. Thank you!

Jean P.
I felt he was a great physician. Spent time discussing my case so I could understand what was going on. I went with him for surgery and I am doing great. Just finished physical therapy and back at work. I would definitely recommend.