The LimbplastX Surgical Procedure

The LimbplastX™ cosmetic limb lengthening procedure is a minimally invasive surgery developed specifically to safely lengthen the femur (thigh bone) or tibia (lower leg bone). During the surgery, PRECICE implant nails are placed into the intermedullary canal (hollow inner part of bone).The procedure can generally be accomplished with one 1-inch incision and three ½ inch incisions for femur (thigh bone) lengthening. The tibia (lower leg) requires 2 additional small incisions to implant the lengthening device. Overall, the surgical time to perform the LimplastX procedure is approximately 1 hour for 2 limbs. A general anesthetic is required and is administered by one of our carefully selected, board certified anesthesiologist.

Advanced Surgical Techniques
Dr. Debiparshad's extensive practical experience with surgical limb lengthening and reconstruction has allowed him to develop and refine surgery techniques that minimally disrupt surrounding soft tissues, resulting in more comfortable recoveries with lower complications rates and post-operative pain.

Less Pain & Reduced Transfusion Risks
Dr. Debiparshad administers special medications and utilizes

Our ultimate goal is to combine the best in innovative technologies, advanced surgical techniques and clinical research to help patients realize an ideal, optimal physique.

LimbplastX Mission Statement

meticulous small dissection surgical techniques to minimize soft tissue disruption and bleeding, reducing the risks and likelihood of costly blood transfusions while accelerating healing and recovery times.

Implant Selection & Surgical Placement
The Nuvasive PRECICE 2 implant nail is produced in 2 distinct configurations for piriformis and trochanteric insertions, the ideal choice of which to use should be determined by a patient's anatomy. The piriformis insertion is often the preferred method for implant placement and generally requires more surgical experience to perform.

Dr. Debiparshad also employs highly developed surgical techniques for implanting nail devices that have been refined over hundreds of limb lengthening and reconstruction procedures.

Surgical Pain Management
The LimbplastX procedure employs specialized anesthesia blocks during surgery that provide several days of substantial pain relief immediately after surgery, helping to provide pain relief when it is needed the most. The reduced levels of pain allow patients to recover and begin productive physical therapy sessions faster, which can lead to improved overall outcomes and patient experiences.

Regenerative Stem Cell Technology
The LimbplastX procedure employs specialized osteotomy, venting and reaming techniques that produce faster, stronger bone regeneration by utilizing the body's natural bone marrow stem cells in the most effective way possible.

Minimal Scarring
Dr. Debiparshad employs precise, specially developed incision procedures and cosmetic suturing techniques that greatly minimize the scars and eliminate the dimpling that is commonly associated with limb lengthening surgical procedures.


LimbplastX Procedure