LimbplastX Pre-Surgery Preperations

Patient Safety & Preparedness
The safety of our patients and the success of their final outcomes is our paramount concern. We insist that patients endeavor to be in optimal condition prior to surgery and that will usually require taking deliberate steps to improve their physical health and range of motion in limbs that will be lengthened.

If a patient demonstrates an unwillingness or inability to modify certain behaviours, or fails to follow prescribed recommendations for diet and exercise prior to surgery, it may indicate that they are not suitable candidates for a limb lengthening procedure and the decision to move forward with surgery will be withheld and reconsidered.

Adequately preparing for surgery is critical for a succesful outcome and entails keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Pre-operative recommendations include a healthy diet, refraining from smoking and maintaining regular, adequate levels of physical activity. Exercise regimens that promote flexibility of the hip, knee and ankle joints are highly encouraged and can reduce post-operative pain and discomfort after surgery.

Social & Economic Concerns
Be prepared for the economic & social consequences of the procedure. Patients with PRECICE 2.2 implants will be unable to work or function normally for approximately 3 months and must stay close to our facility during the distraction phase of the procedure, which will last approximately 1 month per inch of lengthening.

Patients with PRECICE STRYDE implants will be able to return home approximately 2 weeks after surgery if adequate physical therapy treatments are available where they reside and if they are able to return for mandatory follow up visits.

You should have your personal and financial affairs in order so you are not under pressure to resume personal or professional obligations too early and compromise your care or recovery.

Stretches & Exercises
A regular stretching exercise routine prior to surgery can help with pain and discomfort during the post-operative period and improve final outcomes. Dr. Debiparshad may require that a certain range of motion may be achieved prior to surgery and prescribe a specific stretching regimen.

LimbplastX pre-operative stretching excercise guides for femoral and tibial lengthening can be found HERE.

Diet, Nutrition & Supplementation
A healthy diet with adequate levels of protien and calcium are highly recommended and can help facilitate an easier recovery with stronger bone regeneration after surgery.

After your in-person consultation, Dr. Debiparshad may prescribe dietary recommendations and supplements.

Our diet and supplementation guides can be found HERE.


Discontinue all NSAID anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

It is important to stop smoking and avoid exposure to second-hand smoke.

Day Before The Procedure
You will have a preoperative visit with our surgery team, preoperative nurse and anesthesiologist. Do not eat or drink after midnight.

Day Of The Procedure
Please come in two hours before your scheduled surgery time to the preoperative area in the Surgery Center.


LimbplastX Procedure