LimbplastX Procedure - Post-Surgery

The LimbplastX Institute • Las Vegas, Nevada

Post-Op Recovery
After surgery, patients will be transferred to a recovery room for a few hours for observation before transfer to a hospital room for a 2-day admission and 24 hour nursing care with on-site physical therapy training.

Virtually all patients, especially those aged 30 years and younger, will only require a two day. For older or compromised patients, Dr. Debiparshad may prescribe additional days if health conditions warrant further observation.

During the 2 day hosptial stay, a physical therapist will visit you daily for mobilization and exercise. If approved, lengthening will be commenced right away and your therapist will provide instruction on how to operate the PRECICE external remote control (ERC device). This process is usually painless and requires only 7 minutes of operation per implant.

Given that the current iteration of the PRECICE 2.2 nail implant can withstand 75lbs of weight per leg and 150 lbs on both legs, most patients will have to use walking aids to offload their weight. A physical therapist will instruct patients on how to mobilize safely and with ease. Patients with PRECICE STRYDE nail implants will have reduced weight bearing restrictions perscribed by Dr. Debiparshad.

Mobility Levels
Day 1: You will be confined to bedrest and begin physical therapy sessions.
Day 2: You will use a wheelchair and continue walking with a physical therapist.

Pain Management
Medications will be administered intravenousely on the first day with transfer to oral medications on the second day.

Food and beverages will be provided in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.


LimbplastX Procedure