LimbplastX Institute Media

The Limbplastx Institute • Las Vegas, Nevada

LimbplastX Institute Social Media Football Art.

February 2018

LimbplastX celebrates this year's Superbowl with an inspiring message for football fans nationwide.

LimbplastX Institute "Evolution" Social Media Campaign Art.

January 2018

The "Evolution" campaign represents how LimbplastX can provide patients with a personal augmentation that is a natural progression of their own physique and demonstrates control over one's own personal "evolution".

LimbplastX Institute RefleXion™ Social Media Campaign Art.

December 2017

The RefleXion rendering illustrates the dramatic, height gain that can be achieved with the LimbplastX procedure. The addition of approximately 5" of lengthening, distributed proportionately between femurs and tibias, can produce a stunning result while maintaining aesthetic ideals.

The RefleXion pre-operative imaging study allows our patients to accurately visualize how they will appear after undergoing the LimbplastX limb lenthening procedure. These personalized renderings can help patients determine the approximate amount of lengthening that may be required to achieve ideal proportions in relation to their desired height increase.

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