LimbplastX Surgical Consultations

Online Consultations
Online consultations provide ample information about the LimbplastX procedure and an opportunity to have any questions you may have answered. During this inital consult Dr. Debiparshad will conduct an inital review of your current health, medical history and lifestyle. He will also discuss your goals and expectations to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

In-Person Consultations
A full in-person consultation and physical examination with Dr. Debiparshad must be conducted prior to determining final candidacy for the LimbplastX procedure. Consultations take place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the LimbplastX Institute.

During the consultation you will undergo a full physical examination, including radiographic imaging. Your complete medical history will be also be taken and reviewed.

Your current range of motion and any inherent physical limitations will be evaluated to determine if you are optimally ready for the LimbplastX procedure. At this time, Dr. Debiparshad may recommend pre-surgical physical therapy, to increase range of motion, and/or a determination may be made that surgical releases of tendons and soft tissues will be required during surgery.

Our ultimate goal is to combine the best in innovative technologies, advanced surgical techniques and clinical research to help patients realize an ideal, optimal physique.

LimbplastX Mission Statement

Once physical evaluations have been completed, your goals will then be reviewed with Dr. Debiparshad in the context of your current health and physical condition and a final decision regarding candidacy will be made.

All questions regarding the surgical procedure and the physical rehabilitation process will be welcomed and answered. We also provide an opportunity meet with our physical therapists and support staff.

Online Video Consults Available Via Skype, FaceTime, Google Duo & WhatsApp.

  • RefleXion™ Pre-Operative Imaging Studies

  • During consultations a RefleXion imaging guide can help patients accurately visualize how they will appear after undergoing the LimbplastX limb lenthening procedure.

    RefleXion studies can assist with determining the ideal amount of lengthening they may be required in femurs and/or tibias to achieve ideal proportions in relation to
    a patient's desired height increase.
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