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Limb Lengthening Implant Nails With Increased Weight Bearing Tolerances

An implant nail that can bear more weight may have distinct advantages for limb lengthening patients. Increased weight bearing tolerances may result in preventing any weakening of the implanted bones from osteoporosis, due to prolonged inactivity during the distraction and consolidation phases after surgery. The prevention of osteoperosis would also protect the anchoring points between the bones and the implants, preventing fractures of the bone around the implant.

An implant that can tolerate greater weight would have to be constructed in a sturdier manner than previous iterations. Therefore, the stronger implant could also be expected to have a lower rate of failure from physically breaking due to it's fortified construction.

With an increase in weight bearing activities, the newly regenerated bone formations could be more robust and potentially heal faster. In addition, increased weight tolerances can translate to more vigorous rehabilitation and a faster return to gait normalization. Improved limb function may also limit or eliminate the physical awkwardness and stigma associated with the use of walking aids.

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